Being a professional but still feeling the college vibes


Being a data analyst, teamed up with probably some of the nations greatest minds is a thoroughfare of zealous activity. As a younger person I had often wondered how it is like to… Continue reading

Of Kings and Paupers (I)


The cleavage of reality sh ows. People who give & people who receive are apparently from different species. All are human but there exists a hierarchy. Those who have forever received… have always been in favour they never learnt… Continue reading

Where is the EOF for this Winter?


The foolwise irked of the cold weather wonders if the divine simulators of the earthbound atmospheric system has messed up their End of File in the winter condition supplying file. How long will this atmospheric lunacy of cold and rain go on…he wonders on his virtual pen & paper.

[Tutorial] Creating a Basic Counter Strike 1.6 map


This article is not an exhaustive guide rather a holistic overview to Counter-strike 1.6 mapping but to aid the amateur effort in using the half-life mapping tools and for helping out the clueless… Continue reading

Alcohol induced stupor


I have always heard, poets & writers writing in a heady tipsy state, So I had always wanted to do something like that a chance came & I had logged into my blog… Continue reading

Butterfly ephemerility


Heads up. I was just outside, to fetch 2 pails (here  big bottles) of water & I encountered a big ass butterfly, (napping!) right outside my door. Whether I call it a butterfly… Continue reading

And she waits for the Lone Ranger to ride ‘out of the sunset’


The Lone Ranger Sheriff small B has come a long way now, dusty allover. He was entering his town after an year now…. The rustic hooligans of his town are sobered up, with… Continue reading

Eid’s here [Eid Mubarak to all]


So after a month of Ramadan, the beloved festival of Eid is finally here. From the eve of Eid day parents don’t ask you to study, that I have been seeing from childhood.… Continue reading

A hobby that’s financially Heavy [Photography]


About to retire for the night, enough of a week of all nighters. Finally seriously considering photography as a hobby. As far as I am told, as a 2-3 year old kid I… Continue reading

Flying home… growing up


Yesterday, with a heart beating loudly, I confessed something to my mom. To my gladness, and up to my projected expectations she sportingly accepted my decisions. Hmm, finally it feels parents have grown… Continue reading

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