Enabling Graphical Root Login in Ubuntu

(This method is tested Okay on Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn)

Normally whenever you try to login directly as a root in ubuntu. You will generally see you are not allowed.Here is a process u can try out to enable root login in graphical format.

1.Login as your regular account.
2.Open Terminal.
(If you are already not a root ur terminal name prompt will terminate with ‘$’ else you will see ‘#’)
3.Issue the command(from after the $ sign)
$ sudo -s
& Enter your account password when asked. ( you are now root … dont try funny things !)
4.Issue the command
$ passwd root
& Now enter your desired password for root account when asked.
5.*Now navigate to /etc/gdm
6.Open the file ‘gdm.conf‘ in a text editor of your choice.
7.Search Out the string ‘Allowroot=false‘ (without the quotes) ,change false to true.
8.save the file & exit.
9.If u have done every thing correctly, When u restart the system u would be able to make a direct login as a root.

* You can by-pass step 5 by running a search on your file-system for ‘gdm.conf’
NB: I’ll advice an excessive caution on the user’s part for fiddling with root account is not fun