Me, My Friend & the KKR-vs-Mumbai Indians.

So After 10-15 days I am writing again…
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)got their heads shaven by Mumbai Indians, what a sad incident.I would not have done it,i.e,not written this blog entry… had not been a friend of mine got very depressed by the loss of his favourite team the KKR’s and started a cursing session while chatting.

He said “jst shouting with my mess mates about the futility of this bloody ipl!!” in a g-talk chat session.Man he was angry … he even added a bull-shit to the end.
So, so-much of publicity & hype about this only match- The Great Sachin-Sourav face-off,
and what we have in our hand…? the match with the worst performance on part of KKR’s lowest total-team-crumbling in the Series.
Not that Sachin did something wonderous..with his bat or like that… he was on a routine ‘0’.Sachin today had no tennis on his Elbow ,or,cramp on his back… but a mosquito had blocked his vision of the ball he mis-judjed the ball “i la”. Sourav tried hard… but u know his luck had left him today.

My cynic friend… is pinging me on my chat session mean while ..saying
all our takes on KKR is just “futile emotions and loads of time waste !!”
He is very upset with the public too… he says justifying,
“as a matter of fact it was well said in julius caeser the memory of the mob is pretty short…and that is what that matters..”, no-nonsense bloke that he is!
He vented… that these same guys are given literally star status when the score even a fig on a match suddenly… “madness!” he says!

Our SRK ..with all his stadium-balcony Jumping Stunts… & dances on the Dug-outs…
climbing on Shoaib’s shoulders… is feeling damn bad now… even his IPL venture mis-fired…U dont need to be Tezier than a Panchvi-Pass to guess this, as that Panchvi-pass se taz hai show too is bungling.

While i write this out … our dada Sourav will be squinting-his eyes peculierly ..near the stands… while Tendulkar the Little master ..goes on stage and says
“i la it was a easy match for us… prize money, Go get it!”.

Shoaib,last day only he was saying in a media conference… that he is loyal to whatever team he plays for .. but bechara .. he did not even get a chance to prove it…Poor lad ,he did not even get a chance to break someones bones with his comet balls.

Now my friend is after the corporate world behind IPl
“commercialisation!!!!international football er barota bejeche ebar cricket tao jabe!!”
… my god, I dont know when he will pull me out as responsible… so i should sign off now.
So Even i went public with KKR scandal…!!
Just think who might be responsible…

The quoted parts are really taken from a chat session from my friend… who is a great fan of Sachin.
He is Anupam Banerjee my Batch-mate from my college.
Thanks to him.