A Take on Heart-Break

Actully,the Heart does not or did not break at any point or anywhere.It’s actually a concept ,rather a literary figure of

speech,but it has a wide usage.Certainly Oxford dictionary will not or cannot account for all of those usabilities!
(Hey dont look up in that Oxford advanced learner now… read it from here it’s better for it is a personal experience!)
Infact Clarification of the same lies on the clarity & sensibility of your heart.

A very simple description of heart-break will be like — what began as a faint hope,turns into a possibility,then your mind

starts beliving that this possibility is not just probablistic…it can be actually materialised.Then the mind swims in the

day dreams of those wonderful days to come and prepares for it with all it’s fancies… and then the bolt from the blue!!
the possibility crumbles into the pit of negativeness.
And oh it hurts!It really hurts… to the extent that you may even feel a pain evaporating from the region around your heart

through the throat.Eyes may shed tears unknowingly.your head may ache & u may feel atloss ..lost!

Now you may just ask “hey you said it’s personal??”,
I would say …”well why do you ask?”,
You have smelt a good fodder for gossip hidden…so you say,” i’ll share your grief!”,
I would say…”really will you?”,
You while thinking what kind of screw-up I may have been a part of will say …”well what are you waiting for?”,
I would say “well err… I still did not make up the story yet!”.
And you taken aback at the anti-climax will say …”what the crap,get lost!!”

Certainly You wont cry at this…but if I were an expert writer as O’Henry you could well have been in tears ..so easy there!

Look how I proved what i said about how the heart breaks!? So that’s also a way the cookie crumbles my friend,sometimes

atleast :).

But this will certainly not compare with somebody’s year long wait for someone else only to find everything was to end up in

an unprecedented array of misplaced hopes…
But that pain part of the story varies with all… some are at all affected!while some may cry their hearts out!while some

just brood over the broken-dreams over and over again…until they fade as long dated grainy images!There may be other ways

though…that i can’t think of.You may now well be pondering over in which way will you emote your pain.But never mind it

comes naturally so you’ll know your genre when you face the situation.

Did you ever think what would have happend if the Heart Break would not have been there????
You would have lived Happily ever and after,and that without pain happiness cannot be relished,
Good luck friend!for your coming dreams this heartbreak was worth it!