All World’s A Stage —And i am doing a Grafiti on It

Here goes a confusingly degenerated & simple 7 ages of man with some idiotism passed off as innovative ideas .What i write below may exceed 7 or wont make 7…that’s my poetic justice please comply. 🙂

Like the shakespearean fool Jacques(spelling!)had said ,I may imitate “All world’s a stage…where we are mere idiots”
Question might be what actually is this word ‘idiot’ doing out here?Well actually nothing but adding some vareity…
& saying what shakespeare took 14 lines to say.
Like in every stage either u do a stand-up comedy or a song-dance performance ,this stage is no exception either.
And if you are cool enough to think different & decide to just stand there doing nothing , a lot many gives u jeers and boo’s(you are given a lavish collection of rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes to chose from).
Let’s live a life now!

Like Mr/Miss shakespeare(there is a controversy) had said,right from childhood we have to go on staging–
to be in the center of attraction…we are just doin it & lovin it!
When a newborn … u have to puke & cry to be at everybodies attention.
Once a bigger kid u have to be a total brat!(those who are fans of shinchan… understand what i mean).
Once in school u have to be either a sporty guy,or,one who stands first in class,or,one who is into real song&dance,
or,into paintings etc.A jack of all trades is also welcome!
Sometimes some people choose only select audience called ‘GALZ’,i.e,they become great flirts.
And this has two carry on for 13-15 years.

Like once you finish schools …things go a bit disorderly.In Mr/Miss S’s time there were not so many possibilities & not so many possible subways.There were also not so many alley’s & gally’s even in London,forget Kolkata.(This is a kolkata based story)
And now see the brochure of life ahead, you can be either a doc. or an engineer or a school teacher!!!!
Broadly People, especially elders,don’t feel there may be other professions!
So there’s a rat race! Everybody races for a place in iit’s, medical and enginnering colleges.
As i said,here also exist some smarter elders amongst the boradly dumb population of elders(genetically speaking by natural selection only best trends are carried down…thus as being smart’s hep so our elders are dumber than us…by our standards but there may be exceptions though) who run faking businesses & coaching centres(need not be in the order) to earn their quick lakhs!And the brighest amongst us go to them and as u know some reach their heavens…the iit’s,medical institutes,etc.and most dont.There is also a free backway entrance in India called SC-ST freeway system(however we are talking about busy roads here,not freeways.So we are dumping this topic for this day).This was the brighter part,now those who cannot win a seat in heavens fight for lesser heavens the school teacher’s positions.And as u know there are so many fighting for the shanties & the highrises…that most of 2 storyed houses & 3-storyed houses go unoccupied…while some emerge victorious in their battle for schools and be santusht! others who lost even here resort to private tutions,or become hagard looking poets or little magazine writers.

So you have reached level 3 or 4,whaterver level you think you are in wont help..I wont stop till I knock off all your teeth and kill you,dont’t be angry ,shakespeare too did it.Then comes some part of life called settling down and I would choose to skip that part.why? dont ask me…it’s a tad too long, I have to list arranged marriages,dowries,quarrels amongst spouses,money,children,schools ,getting rid of the elders to become elders
(wining the coveted crown of dumbers that has been so long with elders), midlife crisis etc,and all those are pretty boring.You also become “cable se santusht …& you dont wish for a dish!” but sadly you son/daughter does & there is a big ‘bawal’…I mean bawal is a order of the day you will feel.

I heard in a joke once,a man is nearly a monkey..why?
He climbs trees & behaves as badly as one in his brat-hood.
Next,he monkeys around to woo his sweetheart!
Next,he has to be like a monkey recieving orders from his boss or spouse…
can be dancing on a pole or juggling with cash!
Next,he has to entertain his children be acting a monkey.
And finally,in his old age sans his teeth,vision etc… he would find being monkey would have been a prestigious option, when he has to do the same monkeying to/with his grand-children(second childhood remember!).

So It’s finally time and hep to knock off your tooth & toothaches!!
Okay,If you are finally done with your imaginations of what kind of monkeying you will do i would like to conclude his life now. coffin bearers? anyone??

N.B: I dont want to angry anyone & thank ful to shakespeare for he wrote the poem… I was just cracking a joke.
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