Back with not a BANG but a POP !

Well ,right now… as I write one thought is going on in my mind that… “Hey u havent written these stuffs quite a while… have u forgotten the blog?” well actually I haven’t and I dont intend to, only that I could not think of something new to write.So that exam I wrote about 2-3 posts back really did not bomb as badly as I had thought… but being an average is no-one’s fancy!
So out to write down a few lines, just to keep this blog updated till i get some new ideas to write about.
Recently the other writer of this blog had attended a country wide essay competition named
“BUILDING INDIA” organised by the TATA’s. He had come out as a city middle-level champ in the Kolkata city! He is now awaiting for the finals of this competition.. and a bit busy…still not as busy to be unable to write! still personal choice u know!
He got a sony HC-52E Handy-cam as a prize (it takes cassette media as feed) an is now-a-days quite busy with it’s functions… Not that he wants to become some speilberg someday..but who knows!
I am studying a bit now-a-days… as the mediocracy of 8.36 YGPA is stinging me… still habits die-hard so i am orkutting,g-talking& currently blogging too!