Skew Your Paths,To Go Places!

Now-a-days a very funny thing is going on in my mind… courtesy my group of College-Friends. Well this does not mean.. I am an introvert,actually I am open to a very wide range of people & i know almost everyone of my stream(those of whom i dont know see u soon).But the group I am talking about is a group of my close friends.We are a groups of under-dogs! ..hey hey dont smell some 5 POINT SOMEONE stuff, as none of us drink or smoke or get 5 points on a regular basis! We are a jovial bunch.
Well we learn all the while we live & the super organic knowledge grinder — our brain is always on the job of doing ridiculous 2+2 =4’s!Recently my ‘grinder’ hit upon this!
During my schooling I never had the idea of sharing personal thoughts & feelings with friends,a gross family opinion went by as,spending time with friends is a gross loss.Above all there was a personal doubt– if at-all personal blah-blahs can be of anybody’s interest i.e i thought if it really could be shared like that!
Well my view of friends & friendship has undergone a change in this 1year- 2 months of college life.Now it seems that earlier ‘friend’ was just a regular small time word(involvement), & in a day… family ,parents & studies acquired most part of the schedule !But now when grossly 8 hours of a day is spent with friends(1/3 of a day) I do have a second thought about the earlier definition.(In cartoons they express this with a sudden light bulb,& friends describe this as being a tube-light’s flash!). And finally when you do start speaking, you get to know very well that others too are just as insecure & coward as you are… yet just as you put up a brave face & set up a comfort zone for confidence,they are not an exception either. Criticize , talk of seeing that girl over there etc sorts of story, & everything’s valid– nobody rejects you,infact may contribute more bizzare accounts. And the indoor games like chess, cards etc take new dimensions with friend circles, you have got to live it to realise it. Again just as is sometimes said that– to be a part of a group you have to give up your individuality,you have to think like them,& often sacrifice your closely held values etc. is grossly untrue! If all those have to be done,you may be just eyeing/knocking the wrong group/door.Be patient like minded people are sure to come by, for afterall this world is round & if you are not just moving in circles parallel to the diameter then you are really going to spiral far and wide…& that surely increases your probablity of meeting probable friends.
SO just skew your path… dont be routine bound too much! dont just move in perfect circles parallel to people,but just cross their path before they do… they will definitely stop.
And who knows when you have Luck….
Luck you know is again but a literary version of probability!