Mi2 trying a hand at ‘LIGHT WRITING’ on Eng. Ma’m ‘s advice

Hi,I’m Mi2 – back after a long time…definitely with a ‘bang’ ,not a ‘pop’ for the news i plan to burst has the potential to recreate a ‘big bang’.

You know Mr. Bi7 wrote about that i am not too busy to write blogs.But the truth is that he himself is too busy to let me write.All through the day(and night too),he is there at the CRT ,chatting,gaming,orkutting,face-booking,discovering,re-discovering and being late at the dinner and lunch,and also being too early to leave the table.Perhaps he had started believing that early to bed and early to rise is the ultimate truth in the life of a B.Tech student who gets fair 8 points,aspires for 9 and Linus Torvalds fame(not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs,mind you), and finally hits upon the ultimate truth that MONEY is more IMPORTANT than SUCCESS or Happiness and keeps on swinging between M.Tech(DREAM) and job that pays a handsome ransom-‘ransom’,for they kidnap your privacy in those jobs(HARSH REALITY).

Also you know the business in a teenager’s life.Like him,I too am busy-not juggling ,but tight-rope walking -with my parents,friends,studies on my 3 free limbs,while i stumble upon problems that-again like him,I cannot share with my friends for they are “THOSE” friends who believe ‘A Day without Laughter is a day lost’ and shuns everything serious.

But then Bi7 is there to sort out all problems.So, I can barely manage with the 24 hrs.I cannot blog for i am too busy pleading GOD about extending the day to 36 or 48hrs.
I will let you all know the results.But in the meantime, keep sending our blog upper in the rankings.

Perhaps now you feel like switching pages as you could not get ‘big bang’ material.But you know it was a publicity stunt or hype or stratagem to make my first serious blogging more enjoyable and readable…thanks to Mr Amitabh Bachchan(sorry for mistakes as the spelling is tough to remember,tougher than SRK’s)for his valuable lessons through media. Hence,in Sahenshah’s (again a mistake perhaps for the drafting window shows a redline)style ….