Take a Deliberate Decesion on a Forking you see!

” This is a survival strategy…. but dont screw the people around you with it… please!”

One thing that I now understand well is that— life is not simply a wirlpool of emotional tangles! Rather , it’s a delibarate manipulation of electrical impulses, that does the random ballets in our brain!

That may feel irrational all too well,but you know humans live in a soceity—- so our works , existence & lives are in a condition of total overlap! so a flutter of a butterfly in ones mind is just the spark that set’s off a huricane in another’s mind!

Although , ultimately a single outcome associates any event , but the human brain does predict a lot of other outcomes & sticks to the most beneficiary (at the subconscious level)one ! When there is more than one equally likely options available– there’s a forking done by human brain (i,e- attacking two solutions at a the same time,chess terminology) and there’s a inevitable chaos!

Lot of literature talks about emotional decision… etc etc etc.
But in actual life… it’s all just too deliberate!just like a computer chess bot will do… access all available options… & hit the best to ur logic from your head (not heart please.. it’s better to live today & fight tomorrow).

You may feel am I mad off saying these…? well, that i wrote around greater than 100 words sitting at oneplace ,hence i am not…. well MAD!

However please note by deliberation I dont mean a selfish robot! Be deliberate when you are involved only!It’s better not to deliberacize other neutral people’s options in a jiffy!
All these bugs of deliberation that i am pouring around here is only as a self preservation strategy… at an impotant point in life when you are on a cross road … on the horns of dilemma!
please for gods sake..dont use it on your neighbours!

Remember one thing… If you dont take your decesions deliberately… from your head! the the hurricane of fate will dance on your head, as someone out there has a habit of taking the things by the hard electrical impulses… rather than with alletarations & irony!