An Engineer’s Ballad

You are as indispensible as my Pencils,
Well,I loose them so often —
Promise,I’ll be extra cautious this time!

You are the beautiful best fitting curve I ever drew,
Which i drew with my borrowed French Curve set–
It was one of those 18 curves I drew in 2 Hours!

I think about you as recursively I can,
Yet,you are harder to guess than that “Tower of Hanoi”,
Guess, I would use the non- recursive Logic now.

You are not the air i breathe…
or, the light I see ,or, the hum I hear all the time–
Rather, I sometimes dream about you ,
And just assymptotically think about you.

Guess,when I see you, my heart does miss abeat!
And times seems to freeze just as it does on a rainy day…
in the interval when you see the lightning &
you are anxiously waiting for the thunder-clap!

Yet again when I havent seen you for a day,
I miss you a lot — Just as I miss…
that just departed train that arrived 2 mins ago.

Guessing your feelings about me is,
just another problem of “Testing of Hypothesis”,
But the confidence interval is gladly (or,sadly?) 50 %.
At times it feels statistics was not made—
for Applications this serious & grave.

The ballad is unfinished as I had to run for some studies
for the examination Tomorrow