Back to Live Journal on a Summer noon

Looking back at the last post i feel, yeah i havent touched LJ for quite a while 🙂
It’s  high summer over here in Kolkata (last day top temperature touched 41 degree C). Today does’nt seem much different.
There’s also a strong hot breeze that is blowing, so with all doors & windows closed at mid-noon i am giving company to my laptop and LJ.
Here we dont call these strong winds any names like those Leventars etc… ( Paulo Coelho effect?? yeah, I completed ‘The Alchemist’  just weeks ago, man he is a most favourite writer of mine now) we just call them Lu/Loo. If you step out once now you might feel you are in the middle of some dessert such is the feeling the wind brings with it.This wind is not light but it blows as if it does not have much hurry it feels kind of heavy and also have hot water-vapour kind of feeling with it, you can actually feel it wrapping around yourself.
Life is not the same as it was in January… as it’s may now! Then it was winter & now it’s Hot summer.
There’s a little bird twitting out there…maybe it’s a bit tired of the summer,or may be it’s happy that summers here.