An Apathetic account of poets, powercuts & ME

Necessity of the 20th century oxygen i.e- electric power is only perceptible during a power cut… not only the fans and the lights but also the Internet is gone — and that said we get a glimpse of the caveman age which are given mouthful of names like Neanderthals etc. etc.,don’t you get it yet… it’s the age when archaeopteryx was the only bird & even Horse was called Yeioheppis.. yeah right you remembered it well actually it’s my fault that i could not tell u the scientifically correct name.where were we? yes on the power cut and ancient man( that’s the easier way to put it).
Well actually I am talking of all nightly affairs… no dirty thinking it’s just a power cut at night time…especially a summer night!

When we the normal people are just too aggravated by a power cut at night( not that we are spooked by darkness… or maybe we are(?)) it’s the hey day(or night?) for poets et all.In such a pathetic condition poets get magical visions from spooky shadows and spray poems through their pens ( heard pens were replacements fro swords… James Bond proved it, alas if only it were an water hose spraying cold some-things! ). Some enquire, where do poets get such stamina? such nocturnal ability?How come they find evil spirits draped in white to be lovely ladies dressed in gowns?( well, they don’t know the cost of gowns so no pains imagining ,also when has a poet seen a ghost and had kept standing upright?).Well forget poets… they are something, they even meter their words!Now don’t jeer at me I am just writing something serious that’s doing the world a tonne of good, not some silly imaginations!

Lets talk of normal beings, with me it’s just an apathy… i just keep sweating and get my hands cramped trying to create a storm with a hand fan! And if this is the case on a night before the exams… the conditions turn macabre… as there is an additional menace called mosquitos … boy they just keep coming as if the dead-ones are also re-spawning… and what guerilla attack tactics they use!!! Today too there’s a same situation except that i am not sweating as there’s a light drizzle going on outside & I am sitting beside the window( can see a thing though!… no lightning flashes!).The drizzle has turned into a bigger version of it… and the sound is increasing the rustling-swish of rainfall growing louder…& yeah my laptop battery also asks me to cut the crap now.I’d better stop and feel the cool haze that’s floating in through the window!

P.S.: Had a fight with my mom in the evening so trying to lighten up my mood, myself