Read The Story & Feel the inner meaning of the poem

Two Dead guys were buried side by side woke up from the same coffin, became friends and decided to fight out a duel.One whipped out his pocket knife & pulled the trigger, other wounded by the spear, pulled out a bazooka & slashed at the other with a sword!A deaf Policeman hearing the shot from a mile away entered his helicopter, started the car engine & rode off in a bicycle away from the silent town.
On reaching the graveyard, he opened the gate to the palace, talked to the two guys whom he saved from death and arrested no witnesses.The policeman’s act of cowardice was noted and he was promoted to the rank of a Watchman.Don’t you believe all these lies to be true? Then ask the dumb beggar who knew which Lame dog had ran all the way to the place of peace meeting, with the policeman & the Blind beggar who was not at the spot of treaty and saw the total fallacy!!!!!

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