When You Force Philisophy out of your brain… End Product is Like this

Sometimes we feel very grumbly about the phase our life is passing through and we have out valid reasons– it might be oh well I studied so hard but they did not give me enough marks,or, the weather is too dull and i wished i’d go for stroll in the park,or, wish i had a girlfriend/boyfriend,or,wish i had that cool and crafty latest USB mouse I saw last summer.
At othertimes we are just too satisfied… Thank god I did not buy that iPhone– glitches it has(oh too many)!,or, thank god i dont have a girlfriend… who listens to everydays whims and fancies?
So that’s us… well ,We live with it– this wonderfully woobly nature of ours, it’s just in our DNA’s to be like these, maybe it’s just the God’s way of saying…wave nature rulez!
It’s often very funny when some people just come in and out of these grumbly & fresh mind skins at eye winks, ‘une momento’ they are just sitting beside you ,their shoulders drooping…them yawning…eyes barely keeping open, next moment they jump-up start scurrying around and engage in boring games of cards hyperactively… just see the irony here, initially you were in that freshzy mood calling the other a bored idiot, and next when he is up an rnning… you are collapsing into that pit of boredom.. ‘u said boring card game’.So ultimately it stands to the point most of us are naturally tuned to different frequencies so that at any point cumulative boredom felt by mankind and also cumulative hyperactivity is minimum… and maximum are just functioning in a cool stable state without much time for a thoughts of such high calibre about mankind’s betterment etc etc(One’s ignorance is another’s bliss & one’s bliss is one’s ignorance… means everybody is blissfully ignorant).This ensures that all do their job… and mankind gets beter automatically.

Now that I have a private room… I can type out materials on my laptop right through at night, without worrying about mom frequently making a dash to get me switch off the lights.
P.S:Today i just happened to download a ‘Semagic’ Client for LJ.So I can even create Drafts for later posts(i feel i am busy).This  good news for me!