My Summer noons & afternoons

On a Very Hot Summer noon… i choose to keep the windows closed so that none of the loo/lu or levantars (that i have talked of earlier) cant barge in to blow me dry of any water content. And in such a weather taking a bath at-least  2-3 times through-out the day is a must for me . And once inside the confines of the room if i can keep any connections to the outside environs closed, I get a colder pocket  of weather inside…and then lying on the concrete floor reading away on the laptop or just taking a nap is just awesome, the pleasure is the same as drinking chocolate ice-cream.
Things however don’t go the same way if I have to run for college,mornings are generally okay, but once you take a bath and go board the suburban railway to reach the college the real fun starts, and that’s just the beginning to an endless sweating session that lasts till the evening, until I can be back home! In college some idiots may not understand the theory of keeping the windows closed to keep the hot dry winds out and as a result we get blast furnace classrooms… can’t blame them though, as if you are keeping the windows closed to preserved the cold pocket, after an hour the carbon dioxide build up also heats up the room.Extreme heat too is bearable if the humidity is low and you don’t get tortured by non-evaporating sweat.
And when returning depending on the time trains can be a less crowded… and if around that time u choose to stand near the open doors… the hot air blast’s will roast a chicken if you hang it outside.
But the best thing about the railways in this weather is the refreshing aerated water-lemon-ice mixture that’s available at any station for just Rs.3.If you will want just the aerated water you can get it for Re. 1 only( I am a daily customer of the Rs 3 drink, sometimes i also treat my friends with that).
Though Life seems a bit hard around this time but sitting on the platform waiting for a train, drinking the cold aerated mixture looking at the haze that covers the far extending Railway tracks is a different experience altogether!