When I decided to write a blog and it just wrote it self away…lobbing words at astrology!

When I sit to write today I am brimming over with ideas, I think I have a collection of Ideas now that can last for a few days (though I am not so sure about it).But right now there is a situation like: “What shall I write about?” At other times, this is generally frustrating , but today I am loving it as the cauldron of ideas is full and I am taking sips from it just like the king relishing and marvelling at my own brilliance ( psst, I am telling this secretly, nobody should be hearing this else they will think i am feeling complacent, which is not an un-expected bad manner, It makes people think that you are smug and they give you cold looks from the background that may go on to chill your back… I just know,well I read it! ). That I am just totally poles apart from astrology so I am simply happy and not just because some astrologer columnist might have remarked,” There’s a marked chance of your improvement of health and designation, however you should look out for yourself as you might catch Dengu fever, or, a co-worker might give you the slip and get promoted instead…”.What a mess! All these Astroboy’s do is tell you some routine eternally valid truths which happens in an either-or set, and you are impressed through the roof at the holiness of the baba when one or the other is correct (bound to be) …and Mr.astrologer gets another disciple/customer!

Astrology is more like a drug… it tells you just what you want to hear.For example, when you are eyeing a Girl for a few months just to get a break–with  a pick up line to throw her off her feet, you are encouraged by your current week’s Astro-maps that yeah… she is the babe for you ( each and every time this happens!),and you are just Lucky to have gone by with a broken heart and not a broken Jaw ( yeah if the girl is an athlete this can be true! god forbid!); un-known to you the same 80 words also give a married man the hope that his wife may just die this week; and unknown to both, a unemployed thinks he will get his lucky break;un-known to those three Sourav Ganguly thinks he might get his 10 runs this time without loosing his wicket…. and this list goes on!Just imagine!

No, no I have none of the hard lined evidence of these allegations i made that can be justified by the court, I was just contemplating and I found this! Another point to grill those un-suspecting believers on! Actually all these knowledges….It’s all in your soul ,says -Paulo Coelho.He says, you are God’s direct connection and you know every instance of history as well present in your subconscious mind, but you as well as your History teachers and historians don’t know & understand this, and all you get is a sympathetic smug look from them, and as is the norm you chill them up with your cold-cold looks!

No don’t misunderstand me, I did not loose some girlfriend because of some stupid Astrologer, nor, do I have anything against them, even that I had not even planned this attack on the poor Astrologers.I just sat to write the Blog and the blog just wrote itself… I was just punching the words and sentences( I semi-lifted this linesfrom “The Zahir– by Coelho”)!Well, today is a Sunday and in Graphiti,Telegraph some Lady with a lot of pricey make up writes a full page of Astrology enriched predictions, I used to read them attentively at a time before I was in 10th grade… now I just flick the pages, I don’t have time for nonsense… I have my blogs to maintain!

P.S:  I just sat down to write some melancholic writeup and even fetched the dictionary to see the meaning of Complacency, but then I reached here… writing is just a journey you start for somewhere and just end up somewhere else, but nobody charges some extra fare for extra journey!