Not the last & not the least on the list

Sloshing but drizzling continuous rain, occasional but mild swoosh & whoosh of a careless watery breeze on the wet and shiny leaves, bright grey sky overhead, unsettling crackling of grasshoppers & frogs, a wet cat under a neighbour’s window sill, a strolling wet dog, few crows here and there, a single relentless hen making known it’s confusion about the semi dawn lighting conditions… compile all into one & you are sitting in my sofa looking at an ideal monsoonal day (rainy day essays are a clichĂ© now, which I hate).With the Internet connection out of order, the similar forlorn emptiness, of some one close has gone far-away, is just causing ripples through my blood filled heart (that’s just spicing up the writing,no genius here), well Internet is a close friend you know!So I decided to journal/try to journal my feelings in this time of crisis.I had promised earlier of many a gurgling ideas in my head, but one fine morning the gurgle stopped— I think the ant that went into my ear one afternoon ,and that I drowned with some water put into my ear, is to blame; most probably it had made some leaks which I did not notice… & may be at night the ideas had drained through them when I was sleeping.Let’s rather not criticise the departed ( ants and ideas) and rather talk real-time.

Talking of current affairs… I had felt the crackle of static electricity on my hair when a Lightning struck with a thunderous sound in the vicinity of my house, thank god that I ain’t dead..else who will have given you this near death experience in writing, another big scoop is that — a similar lightning & thunder is my second suspect of MODEM sabotage that has sent my close friend the Internet out of my house( that is quite unlikely though), then, I haven’t seen the girl whom I was head over heels in love with ( just on my side… she doesn’t know) for 2 weeks now, most probably she has changed her path due to my semi stalking behaviour( gawd I am nuts), and last but not the least on the list— my group of guys are having a gala fun at my expense once coincidentally I had to sit beside a girl in class– who as I feel is a bit angry type, plus a bit of geek hater, plus a bit irritated on me ( don’t know why), plus one of the beau’s present in the current instance of student database in our college… add to all of this that I have had fun in past 4 semesters on the guys in my group who were in similar situations.

I have been sent out of the house now… as house cleaning session is on!From this relocated position I can see a few kids with same number of umbrella’s are enjoying the weather out side, but nobody is out there sloshing in the mud for a football game as yet.One minute please there’s a calling bell ringing in a neighbour’s door, let’s play the nosey neighbour………. nah! could not see anybody, spent the crucial time here writing what to do about the bell.Well I have a headache from the morning so I think I’d stop now as what I have done till now is writing just rubbish.. 

P.S- I was forgetting something! Today is 6th August, The Hiroshima day… my regards to all the men women and children who had to give their lives for no apparent reason just to prove to the rest of the world the dangers of Nuclear warfare. I am dedicating this writing to them… just to lighten their spirits with a light-hearted writing. (I am no writer.. but I just write, I’d be glad if they accept the offering). I pray to my god ‘Allah’ to give peace to their souls…