A Scalding Skinny-dipping

It has been quite a While that I wrote something.Complacent about earlier writings… and the lingering feel that ok i just wrote few days back made me escape the possibly promising times for easier and less demanding and very indifferent whole-sale socialising on Orkut and facebook.. Now as a penance/repentance  whichever usage may suit your choice, i decided to take a skinny dipping in my old blog habitat.

There is a very well known gourmet recipe of writing a read-a-lot blog… exude cynicism, write about your failed relationships, advertise your sufferings your depressions, come about as a pessimist, write that you feel like committing suicide, or you are just frustrated of your existence, etc. Fact here is that the popularity of your blog will be directly proportional to the gross amount of negativity & melancholic loser’s attitude you sport in each and every living breathing sentence of your blog, i.e you have to let other people have fun at your expense, let them feel good! No doubt, the people who believe they are some mini/budding stalwarts/writers just tend to wield this sword of David (may be… or whoever some demon bashing hero was, yeah can be Arnie the terminator but as i know he prefers a shotgun/bazookas) too much that the blog market is like a china market sporting devices/equipments that are clones of clones of clones of originals.So you need to scratch your hairs out to find who was the genuine guy/gal amongst all ( May be I did some overdose of examining all.. my head cover has grown very thin… thus, without any hopeful bright lights in horizon I have developed a liking for Mr. Bruce Willis’ hair-style).Now the big question is why did I write all these…? Ok I am trying to be different, calling others names… having fun at the expense of others, which is formally called criticising and I really Love it!

People will call themselves a fool, downgrade themselves in public only to grab some precious online reader time, but I honestly doubt how many of the online bravos are really worth it! In fact an online denouncement is far more acceptable to me than an online bravo, because it takes some Sincerity to give a thumbs down to something… while sincerity is not a necessary condition to give a Thumbs up! (I may get umpteenth thumbs down for this write up.. I don’t mind).I admit that I am no saint… I too did the same public self-depreciation & wailing-wall, but It was genuine… I cannot force some feelings out, I don’t know how to write a story.Feelings change, moods change, that’s obvious! so you are lying on my face if you keep churning out the same moods & similar ideas in front of me … I can see through you… you are fake… you are just another eye-ball grabbing machine… you are the very negation of the word originality that you try to scream out loud.And I? I pity you.

Often you are not in a mood to read a 1000 word long ranting of a catchy just-another-blogger, yet the person may be a friend and would be hurt if you don’t read through his stuff… so you just eye through the piece, sniggering and guffawing at a pitfall here to a oh-so messy corner there, but in the end you say a sombre faced nobel-awarding bravo to the writer & discuss his future as a writer in the comments section.. while inwardly you might be burning with anger and muttering silent prayers to send the writer and his idea to hell.Why cant you call the spade the spade… and trash the trash?Oh the reader… “Thou ar’t so Hipocratic”.I pity you too.

So… all my clones of each other friends… and all my ‘aye’ sayer readers, redeem yourselves… I poked you in the eye to show you what had been the cause of a aching head and constant irritability to me.I despise this rat race to the top through short cuts… that too most used ones.Next time try to take a different shortcut unless you cannot control your hunger for quick success. In case you can control your urges spare us the pain, I will be grateful.

P.S: Entire Piece resonates with Rebellion… and honestly it’s not the reverberation of cheap publicity.If you are offended… you might have found yourself somewhere up there.If you aren’t then you are either pretending or you are really a rare gem.Time to sign off.How about another DATE?Aren’t you impressed???( oh shit! this is the hypocrisy –the extreme!)