Justs’ …


Yeah I am working on it again, Just Another Try(JAT) … Writing, Just Writing Something (JWS), to fill up a weblog.. in some 1-2 months maybe. Not that I am succeeding with firecrackrers in the sky.. as it happens with the Worldcup Finals… Oh yeah it’s a world cup fever season, Just Another WorldCup(JAWC)… the infected are roaming everywhere, &, each and every street corner is a potential spawn point of Just Another Critic (JAC). You can also find some Just A Die-hard Fan (JADF) who can go Just About Any Distance (JAAD) to denounce the competitors of their team. If you reason with them you would look like Just Another Fool(JAF) tangled in a Just Another Verbal Jousting (JAVJ) to nowhere. I play safe I label each one of  ’em as Just Another Pain In The Posterior (JAPITP). Is this the begining of many a Just’s to come….? I’ll Just Be Waiting (JAB)… till then Just Chill (JC).