World Cup Essentials

Wake up your Neighbors:Vuvuzela
Vandalize the Locality: ‘Call Bravas’
Be the man with the Ball: Buy a Zabuloni
Show of greatness : Sympathize with English Goal keeper,Go ‘Green’!
The warrior on Guard with Armour : Drogba with his cast
The guy who plays better than the rest: Maradona
Teams where all players looks alike save hair-color: N & S Korea
Hire a guy to miss goals: Torrez of Spain
What Tevez would have been, if not a footballer: Some Gangster
Specialty of USA team: 95% of the team have come with crew cut hair.
Why Christiano Ronaldo did not score: His million dollar boots will be ruined!
What you are forgetting to say when you see a very nice goal!: ayyoba
Team, which fools are believing will win the world cup: England
Everybody’s Favourite: ARGENTINA
Attacking Suicide: Argentina
Only Blitzkrig: Germans forever
Cultural Palatte: German Football team
More Oranje: The Dutch
Samba slip: Brazil’s departure
The French Kiss of Death: French show of disarray
The Flamenco on the field: SPAIN
The Find of the WC 2010: Paul The Octopus!