Little Awareness can Help you greatly in your online Security

Getting your profile cracked.. is an often heard about incident.
This does not prove the superiority of the attacker over you, but proves your callousness about the common security awareness.. it’s like you are handling fire but you don’t know what would happen if some gasoline is nearby… or rather you are handling an AK-47 yet you dont know what a rifle can do!

General trend amongst new users who are opening mail accounts is.. they search for a strong password but easily setting up a very flimsy security question, most of the time they don’t set up a secondary email address. Point here is that.. if I were out to crack u, first thing i’d do is check out your security question… most of the time it’d be as flimsy as who’s my girlfriend or boyfriend, who is my fav. actor ?etc. If I know you well i can do the breach…else i add u as a friend do a back check to unearth the info! If u have seen the password recovery system… they mail you the password to a new account address u specify unless you have a secondary address. also this recovery mail is sent after say 24 hours of inactivity, so best bet would be to use associated accounts with the mail id regularly… provided the attacker is moving through the security questions. Now come to the passwords… it’s a sure win bet.. that a large number of users set the password to some date of birth.. brother/sister/bf/gf/pet/parents.. or some cell number or simply flimsy names… so a malicious person who is desperate to malign you may try these combinations and might hit the r8 notes! who knows! so better to use passwords out of a corner of your mind that’s not public!
( keep a secret corner in your mind.. which is exclusive to you 🙂 ).

Again on socialising websites… a major problem is identity theft… be it photographs, important information that was supposed to be hidden but somehow it’s all over the place!
Problem here is improper usage of the security measures provided in the socialising websites.
For example, in face book i want a photo to be seen by friends only and may be their friends so i set the security to “FRIENDS OF FRIENDS”, and there’s this person who is bent on maligning me which i know about so i have ignored him from my list. now this guy may quickly befriend a friend of mine and gain access to my album photo’s in question abusing the FRIENDS OF FRIENDS privilege.
There’s another problem in face book that I have seen…in case of properly secured albums but public walls, If someone comments on a photo.. a update goes up that there’s a comment on this photo, now if you click on this link u can see the photo and whole of the album.. using the previous and next buttons…but whenever you click on the other album links, however you will be shown the not available message… but this small glitch can be used by any serial stalker to his advantage. But without using these settings your popularity meter will go down!! so there’s trade off and you are required to balance it!! Be cautious about making friends.. and know the intenetiosn of the unknown ones!

Have a healty online fun!

–Bipul Islam