Winner Takes it all

A month of speculations drawing to an end, wait for another 4 years is on hold for just 24 hours or less. History has been etched and trivial mistakes of yesterday now look like causes of eternal doom. So much sentiments from world over concentrated on a leather sphere reflects the hope that the humanity is still one at it’s soul and it wants to remain so otherwise why would there be so much tears over a stranger’s loss!

This ain’t the start of a winding novel but a poetic(!) rendition of my view of the phenomenon called world cup! A game that makes or breaks in seconds and touches!Heroes are created for eternity and also stars shine just to disappear like a shooting star! As was said in Tom Tykwer’s “Run Lola Run” … The game lasts for 90 minutes every thing else is theory!

There were so many stars to look up to in this world-cup 2010. The fresh young German Blitzkrieg, The Argentine aggressive beauty, The dutch total football, The Spanish Flamenco, The French treatise, The African uprising, The Asian Onslaught, The Brazilian samba, Uruguay’s history! Electric moments of shock and awe, underdogs over-performing, stars crashing out, there were certainly a lot of ups and downs to just see to believe!This tournament also becomes a so-called turning point when a long Latin-American domination over the tournament might look to be on a turn for redemption. 2006’s Italy … this years Spain/Netherlands, the Europeans sure are having the time of their lives once more.

Personally I supported Germany & Argentina this time… with an awed but sceptical expression to the Spanish field-work yet their inability to get so numerous goals as other star counterparts. But Spaniards really played to the tunes of their Flamenco traditions etching out art onto the South-African lush green turfs! I don’t know whether The Dutch or the Spaniards will lift the cup on July 12, there’s no safe bet. But given the 8 tentacled Paul has it’s bet on Spain… I’d not be having doubts. It’s beyond doubt whoever wins will not only write history (both finalists being prospective cuplifters for the first time), but will surely imply the triumph of talent and toil over seeming football superiority of sheer Latin American beauty, & also it’ll be a triumph of the fighters of ages who finally rests in peace to have reached their fabled wreath of Laurel. Certainly the Winner will take it all…