@ Sector 5 : break time

Did not think about it… but finding a cheap food joint at whereever you are… away from home, is indeed important not only for quick relief of the hunger but also for preventing yourself from going bankrupt. Some very worldly wise friend had dropped a name  “Azad Hind Dhaba”, might be he meant it for a joke. Actually we felt like idiots for having stepped in the location, every thing was so very costly. So we settled for some roadside joint. The  rush broke into 3 directions. We headed for a stuffy location closest to the training centre, one group headed for a joint near IBM saltlake office and another headed for the joints near IEM college. I settled for a platter full of veg-chowmin @ Rs 15/= but the stuff tasted good. but the other two groups ate it at cheaper rates than my group, but reported volumes were higher than us. Got to venture out to a different joint next day.  Now we are back in the 2nd floor class-room of the Half-constructed building opposite the Under-Construction building, the IETE centre, our destination for coming 12 days.