@ Sector 5

Industrial Training for our Engineering course has begun and right now we are sitting in a 2nd floor room with a faulty AC system, one laptop for each and free net for all. So just decided why not a blog.
Many of my friends are dressed in all formals and we are pulling their legs saying as if they have come for a job. Overall mood is light, as all have access to free net, but some look bored and some are chatty.
Funny that access to facebook like sites are blocked but IMDB site is unblocked so is this site :).
Buzz is around that the real training ( funny it’ll be just a regular course of .net for our group) will start from 12 o clock maybe.
I’ll be connected covertly I guess if there’s no global kill-switch for net during course hours.
12 days… i guess will be filled with fun.