@ Sector 5 : The Day 2 almost Ending

Today was much eventful so to say. The day began with the Bus getting so late that we decided to do a break Journey to the centre. Then a hilarity ensures at Chingrighata as our jovial Friend Udayan does not get down at the designated stop and goes on to alight at the next signal. Then we swoon looking at the serpentine queue for the Auto’s to ‘College more’. We catch a shuttling taxi… and again Udayan fouls up by alighting some half a kilometer before the designated spot telling he had spotted the destination. SO we walk int the sun … and that was really no Waka Waka in the searing sun.
Once the class starts the today’s assigned laptop does a lot of stunts to tell me he is sleepy, and we are led to using 1 laptop among 3 people ( hilarity and mischievousness from friends does ensure here too, as my laptop-mates were 2 girls… much to the delight of my buddies). Then people did a lot of head scratching and twisting and turning on their seats over some C# entry level programs, and as is the routine, the Chirantan Phenomenon continues. I also caught a nap of some 5-6 mins towards the end of first half. The breaktime was enjoyable today and we had some sumptous banquet of 4 parathas, potato curry, omlette and Tea for just Rs 20(phew!… Todays destination was IBM office block… and it was worth the walk). And right now we are juggling very very simple programs… well i finished my task but lot of them are still at it, so i decided to catch up some blogging :D.