I Love The new Rupee

Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee

So gone are the days when we’ll only say dollars and euros and write them out with strange symbols! Now we are not behind… we are in League… we have a one letter currency.Heavily Inspired from the Devnagari script, I can only say about this design that, It’s arty, it’s classy, it’s slick — I just love it.Atleast on this issue I can praise the Govt. Well well well … don’t smell political allegiance in this, it’s just out of strong sentiment. So Bankers will save some couple of hours each year in their work when they don’t have to type ‘R S .’i.e 3 characters, also we can call ourselves unique, amongst many other issues now on grounds of currency too. I am elated.I’d like too congratulate D. Uday Kumar the man from the IIT’s, who is set to join IIT-Guwahati as an assitant professor who’s genius has gifted us this fine awakening on global platform.

Uday Kumar with his Desgn of Indian currency, Photo Courtesy: Vivek Bendre

Uday Kumar & Indian Currency (Photo: Vivek Bendre)

Courtsey: Quick Rupee The Hindu