Programmming with an Open mind

Let's Code Freely

Let's Code Freely

Recently, I was reading an opinion about programming styles which made me think what would be the ideal out-look for  novice & regular programmers. Yes a lot many of us do believe that programming is an art, indeed it’s an art, languages like Perl, Lisp, C has proved it and I am not going to sweat out to prove it any more, I will just take it for an assumed truth. But being able to weild the syntaxes like a pint brush does require fair amount of skill, deliberation, creativity and Practice. The 3 words other than practice are very plesant to hear but actually they result from the later word named Practice. With mathematics and programming one rule holds true, Proper practice makes u the king.

Often it’ll be found that people will be staunch believers of certain practices & styles & stereotypes, so much so that they will get hold of an unsuspecting newbie and lecture him on the ethics of the right style which are of no valid foundation. These kinds of stereotypical unfounded correctness get passed down through generations of teachers-students & often dishearten a new kid when he/she finds that someone more experienced is shouting at him that he’s all wrong! So It’s essential for a new programmer to keep himself to all kinds of opinion and voraciously listen and read whatever comes by, with time the programmer realises to differentiate between which of the ethics are baseless.

Often a lot is said about the Manuals to be referred to, but I don’t see any problem in studying any available manual or material on the programming language unless the writer is spelling out java syntaxes in place of C constructs ( that’s a rare case, as programmers are a sensible lot, either they don’t document their work… or they do it laboriously with nothing left to imagination out of their programmer’s HUBRIS!). It’s advisable to take up any material that the reader/learner finds elegant & flowy to read and easy to understand.

However the most important criteria of being good at the job is to experiment. Trying to stay ahead of the peer group ( in programming nothing is better boost than peer rivalry.. out of the Programmers Pride… or HUBRIS!).The more you explore, the more you learn about the possible pitfalls, work-arounds and techniques of elegance. Learning to run freely into the coding realm without caring about so called stereotypes, beauty, style. With Programming, Freedom is always a Feature! Learn to excercise the coder’s license of freedom to be creative, to improvise and to be mischievous, to get the sense of satisfaction out of programming.

But to be a good programmer LARRY WALL’s  3 Virtues hold true:

Patience, Laziness, Hubriss

Interested to be a good programmer? Google them u’ll know!

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