Elect the Elective… Select the Future!

new Horizon(courtesy: deviantart.net)

What is the use of elective subjects if you are not allowed to choose from the available ones & you are made to compulsorily take up whatever one subject is provided to you! Whatever is the reason of saying that choose the single elective that is given to you… what is the meaning of the word ‘choose’ here? Is it just pretend to choose..?

No-body can plan my future for me, it’s my future so I should decide what I am to study and certainly not someone else! I’d  vehemently criticize my friends who are blindly picking up an elective subject just for the word of mouth. I’d like to ask them aren’t they aware that the subject to be chosen is an elective? And that it’s important for their career! After 3 years of studying… there should be some sense like what would be the course that your life would be taking, well we can never be sure what awaits… but don’t we have a desire for a possible path! Why should we be always going on with the flow… whatever my friend takes up I take up… when would we learn to choose! Many may argue… seniors said only one is allowed! well, did you try to know if more than one is allowed? or were  those seniors enough to have tried to ask whether another paper was available? I’d would not be wrong to say they just moved with the flow… moving out of the flow brings in risks, but risks are crucial for success!

Everywhere we see we have forgotten our rights… we don’t think of claiming whatever is rightful of us, just because we wont be protected in a comfy crowd. But what we don’t realize is that slowly we are embracing this tradition of being complacent with whatever comes our way, going with the flow… just because it would prevent us from direct courting with not so smooth events. But we are forgetting we are Engineers, the builders of mankind. It’s our professional onus is to think out of the box… take up the challenge.

Unless we decide whether we would sleep in our comfy shells… or go out face the challenge of new horizons of knowledge, future of  generations to come is in perils!