@sector 5: ATE it out!

I eat!

Basu Ate it

When you get billed about Rs.300 just for eating a light snack, you can’t help but feel the unfulfilled hunger churning with the acidity of money lost in vain! I guess the thought of the price ‘paid’ leads to indigestion of the costly food one takes, I don’t think it’s a guilty pleasure rather guilty hunger!

Yeah! thank the police for choosing to beat up the roadside cheap-food joint owners so that we had nothing else to do but wander helplessly for half an hour and then settle for liquefying a lump sum from our ever bankrupt pockets! We went to the Los Angles of Food joints… the casino of all food-joints where they rob you at leisure and kill you with pleasure… why kill? the kind of mulnourished rolls they serve for Rs. 25 is a worse pain than death maybe!

I eat too!

Subha took a Gulp!

Only good thing about the mis-adventure was that I took my compact digital camera with me and there was a jham jham rain while we were eating!That’s my heaven I snapped on. I just love some of these!

I am never going to eat at ‘Azad Hind Dhaba ‘ again! This  was really an incident to remember at the industrial training!

(photo Courtesy: Bipul Islam)

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