Only thing we do well is eat!

samosa bites

samosa bites

Ah! a lovely afternoon, and hadn’t eaten for 5 hours. Over 4 hours of constant iterating from desk to desk over official matters and add to this frequently punctuating rain… when you see plain old bengali concept of junk food ‘singara’ or ‘samosa’ & ‘goja’ all you can do is fall for it. Not only is it a nice hunger reliever but it’s also very easy on your pocket, the money bag doesn’t feel lighter than what it was when you entered the small ‘mistanno vandar’ or  ‘sweets shop’.

Especially if you have a drama queen(male) sudip, a ever glutton chiradeep and eternally confused subha with you, eating can indeed be fun! Today chiradeep ate less as he had a sumptuous evening snack waiting at home and so was sudip, subha had to finish his second samosa.

Roadside fry

We ended the session with a roadside fried something… i don’t know what it’s called. All the while I had my camera with it’s faulty lens mechanism beeping many a times… but still managed to  get some nice snaps.

(Photo Courtesy: Bipul Islam)

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