The Night of freedom — Shabe-Baraat

Save from the wind

Yesterday was Shabe-Barat , an auspicious night for the Muslims, the night on which the almighty pardons the sins of his children who seek his forgiveness. From the sunset to dawn is the auspicious period to seek the forgiveness and during this time Almighty’s light of forgiveness descends upon the sky.

My house from out side

It’s also customary to seek forgiveness for the departed an pray for their resting in peace. People irrespective of class get together in common gatherings around graveyards and pray.  Though the ceremony of congregating out side grave yards had  a tone of eerieness when we were kids, but is respectfully observed by most. Personally I haven’t been to such masses but it’s customary at our home to observe this night with respect. Me and my brother, zealfully decorate the house with small candles, often father joins us if he is not busy with his studies/ research work ( as it happened yesterday I was busy typesetting his research paper and he helped my brother to decorate the house).

Good food is cooked & enjoyed in the thought of forgiven sins. The place I live in is a mixed community locality so the food is shared among the neighbors who are even of different community, so although ritualistic, this event does carry a sense of fraternity about it. I often find a connection of this night with Dipawali or the Thanksgiving, it only makes me think the mankind in it’s different forms do think alike, only the false sense of misunderstanding and intolerance is what keep us away from each other.By the way I don’t need to pull my hair out thinking about these, there are people precisely for this purpose, I was just saying!But I like this night  for one more reason, the chance of night-photography in the warm candle light, that’s my sense of redemption of soul… the serenity, the respect and little chance of art!

(Photo Courtesy: Bipul Islam)

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