@Sector 5: Training Project, Matrimonial Site

Welcome page Screen-shot

People want to get married, they go to a matrimonial site. You have got to get a Industrial training so  you join a company or go to an organization like IETE. This is fine too. Now comes a funny part, you have to do a project, all routine ones like Library management software, railway/airline ticket reservation, hospital management are available and you choose any one and roll out a make-believe look-alike software or website from your so called make believe software developer team. We took an interesting topic as our subject, Matrimonial Website. I happen to be the Chief programmer of the site with my team giving me design and resource support like, valuable suggestions, good images, designs etc. They are looking into the matters like DFD diagram, ER diagram, presentation about the site, and related documentation stuff! They sure are working a hell lot, don’t think I am making a smug disapproval of their effort! I like my team, as it openly points out at my bad job… it rocks!The team is bogged down with hell lot of documentation work!  Oh yeah, we call our site — Matrimonial Services @ India, shortened, mms@India. You might have realized, I have a thing for the sign ‘@’.

Here are some of the screen shots of the site with one web-form left to finish! All work has been done in Microsoft Visual Web developer 2005, C# & Microsoft SQL server 2005. This is the beta version, work is on! All this just to remember I am a reigning free software champion!

(Screenshot Courtesy: Bipul Islam)

All images are freely distributable but don’t forget to acknowledge me