@ Sector 5: in the end It doesn’t even matter

Sector 5

Sector 5 (Photo Courtesy:link)

What started as off as a much loathed– training session of  about a month, had inevitably become a part & parcel of our weekly schedule– quite unknowingly so!

Trainings over, Projects over, now endless time hand yet I am missing the 12 days of training @ Sector 5 ,  the long walk to satiate the hunger during breaks, every morning’s rush for catching sector 5 direct bus ( missing the first bus everyday) , then being late for the class, bag checks at the gate, playing flash games while sir was busy explaining the facts etc, running Wire-shark on the network to see who were up on the wireless local net, hourly request to the staffs to increase the AC temperature, and also organizing elaborate counter-strike matches in the ground floor j2ee room with desktops. 12 visits does not  lead to any special attachment but there was a heartfelt yet formal atmosphere which really made the training enjoyable and there is some connect that I guess all of my fellow peers would be missing these days.

I don’t know (or, I know!) but for many (almost all) of my friends this was the last care-free fun filled training session they would ever attend. As the campus life is  drawing to an end, these were the last of the times when they were to visit sector 5 as nobodies… next time when they set their foot over the sector 5 to join any such training regimes they would be some MNC employees(trainees) — too busy with career & ambition to waste time thinking of fun or frolic! Subconsciously this knowing has been there in all of us, and each seemed to enjoy the days without any complains of any sort. I really admit I haven’t seem my friends this motivated in a long time of 3 years I am with them. It is really uplifting to see the busy inspired bunch of people and I myself enjoyed the time with them!

We are saying good bye to our care-free days slowly! For people who are focused to be in sector 5 soon, this was an welcome starter and for those who aren’t so hellbent on the same, this was their peek into the possible life @Sector 5.

P.S. – Writing the @sector 5 series of articles have been very enjoyable, as this has been one event where I almost regularly put my opinion on various matters which are all connected. I did not write  a off the diary account of my daily schedules, but a mishmash of my revelation while at the dream destination of many careers.