I, Bipul speak: What’s the big fuss over softskillz!

A soft skilled Guy! (Photo Courtesy)

Soft-skills are a set of skills, shrewdly invented by people who definitely lack the edge on technical front! The way with soft-skills, the glorified art of smooth talking, is to slip past possible work yet get the credits for doing the same, while the guy who so called-lacks it but was eased into neck-depth of the work by the smoothie, grins on the background frowned by all!!

Now we have soft-skill trainings… and we pay for that! What do we learn?? You bite some letters and smooch some others to talk like the British man!! so that when you are touring Britain… the (color-blind) monsters would mistake you for British men! “Fe fi fo fum, smell the blood of a British man!”… you just went IVY league!! What if I want to talk like the phonetically handicapped Bengali? What if I am very very interested to call my 5’s — fibe & papers — paaper? The instructors would get heart attacks… you would sound like a native!!! O my god ! what were these MNC’s recruiting in West Bengal? some Hungarian programmers… or British play wrights?!!??

Some argue soft skills are the techniques to get you jobs done most skill fully and efficiently… no wonder the software company workers always spend sleepless nights at the deadlines of projects… (in sight: they start the work when it’s 3 days left). I argue,  if soft-skills are what we need to do these mountainous jobs then what is the need to learn programming.. to get all those so-called domain knowledge? A fellow friend expressed an opinion that we need soft skills to stay updated with technological developments… as if these smooth talking people ever thought about “development taking place in thw linux kernel domain”, yeah but they are on their toes to device more heinous ploys to suck in the credits from jobs where they merely pat the backs of the real workers… that’s damn hardwork and a lot of research and new tech are being developed on that purpose!

Soft-skill is synonymous with Diplomacy… and like somebody said “Diplomacy is the art of asking a fellow to go to hell, so much so that he’ll kick the heaven and kill to go to hell!”. I say both are faking business… and as people are giving so much importance to soft-skills you can very well understand the sincerity that is needed in faking nowadays!

Whenever now one goes to tech college or school.. only thing one hears is uber cool kids talking of hep and happening destinations! Oh how much i miss the clumsy geeks who would overflow with knowledge ( minus the stink), the kind of guys who would look at hexadecimal error outputs & the times when tech-talk punctured comments won’t be booed by escapists! Since the art is of smoothly escaping…. no wonder it’s called soft-skills!

p.s: This is in reponse to a post “Relevance of soft-skills” by Mr.Somsubhra a (not distant) future MBA aspirant… Though the tone seems to be frolicy and indeed at places i blew the stops but I am by no means drunk while writing this… and I believe what I write!