Public Reply, To Baseless Accusations

After much deliberation our college finally decided to allow “Image Processing” to approximately 20 interested students. Image processing is a Technical field that has a very wide usage in technical and non-technical fields, and is in focus in a multitude of defense related applications & civilian applications  as a whole a very enlightening subject that requires huge computational power thus an ideal field for computer-science majors. There goes the interesting part of the issue.

Now comes a part that is now involving multitude of accusations from many of  my fellow-friends due to arising of a complex situation. The final decision of taking this elective has been just over one week or so  old, it finalized when we submitted an application to the college on July 30,2010 ( a Friday). We had to painstakingly spend the whole day in college as it was an alternate day between trainings… and we were asked to come 5 days later to know the result ( on a Wednesday). We spent the 5 days in between with much anxiety over whether we would finally get it. We were told we would require minimum of 15 students & we had some 22 so we were relieved on that ground, that we wont be rejected outright… yet the final decision was in authority’s hands. On arriving at that Wednesday… we were informed that our dream had paid off! We chose to relish the dream.. we chose to keep silent and enjoy that we have achieved what we dreamt. We dreamt of future where we decide to trace our own path… and not on the basis of a general trend, this has been a first step.

This is where there is an accusation, some people are saying we betrayed them… I don’t see where! We dreamt of getting a subject, we went forward to apply for it, we got it…. we had to waste nearly 7 of the off days in between the industrial training @ sector 5 working with official docs & whims. Unlike many others…. we did not scare off people who intended to take some other electives, namely there was publicized scaring off on the part of the friends who wanted an elective other than distributed database. And  now we are being called backstabbers… infact we talk to people up front — we never face their backs…( for the record there was not even one incident we asked a person twice when the person said she/he wants a different elective).. however if someone would try to pass off jokingly made remarks as the same it would only show them the mirror!

OK Honorable men, there’s something that you missed… whenever you have a dream… you need to work on that dream… simply going about scaring people off their path doesn’t help anyone or lead to anything other than blaming others who had worked for their own future as traitors & backstabbers etc!!