Workshop on GNU/Linux — day 2, @BDMI



Giving gyan to classmates and preaching to kids are 2 different things at best! Kids need to have fun  however serious the discussion may be… so we are inventing weird analogies of Linux domain with real life! Don’t ask for examples, I don’t remember any examples as most were impromptu!

There is always a surprising mixture of interest among students, and we can almost see our reflections while in the process of the workshop! There are always some interested kids, some technically advanced than their peers, some are total-brats, there are some indifferent people and some very interactive ones! Special mention should be made of girls as in all 3 sessions out of the intended 5, they were better behaved and especially in the last session they were best interacting group! The ladies seemed very interested after listening that the first programmer was a lady– Ada Lovelace. Considerable interest generated over Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and their supposed posts in their own companies viz,Microsoft & Apple (many did not know it). But the wild guesses shooting every were made many delightful situations! In fact today  the people came back after the break time, they were very interested to know more ( and bunk their classes actually) but we had to pack up the session due to our time constraints!

We were also enjoying the time very much… teaching people, and making them understand new ideas is always addictive! Today even Sudip scolded a group or students who were making noise during power cut… and then all of them went as timid as lambs. Abhishek was enjoying his stand among the kids, and kids were doing a picnic with him with variety of questions. Chiradeep was at the harware with the Kyan system and my Laptop, and he was having a hard time juggling with the 2 systems and showing a power point presentation over remote login session while the systems were taunting him by going into stand-by again and again( not to mention the 10-15 mins of power cut)! I was there aiding subha with his presentation and entertaining the kids with interesting information speaking on internet security! All in all Workshops can be fun… and we are looking forward to doing it at other places! Hope to get some pictures tomorrow… tomorrow being the last day!

PS: The option of getting free Ubuntu CD’s from canonical corporation was an information of great interest!

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