Workshop on GNU/Linux– Final day, @BDMI

P1 building

B.D.M.I. Junior section

Ultimately our first venture of  workshop successfully concluded today afternoon. This was a mixed experience leaving all kinds of tastes in the tongue but over-all we feel confident and satisfied. It’s always refreshing to teach people something and convince them about the same.

Some kids looked very interested, and yet we did come by a category of students who are interested, but their technical ability is quite below par. These kids are hooked to the internet yet they are lacking in some basic awareness  about possible internet usage threats which are necessary for self protection. So in several sessions where the students were calm and quite and we did not loose time calming them down, we explained and lectured on Internet usage related issues, some students became very interested when they heard about the Google search parameters like “inurl”,”intitle” and the online open security cam hacks using them. We also did find out that there are a bunch of kids who use key-loggers in cyber cafes the visit regularly, so we also had to touch upon cyber crime! We explained the associated dangers of accessing internet from these insecure locations and what kind of traps are around!

Chiradeep decided not to speak much this time, he was at the hardware all through 5 sessions. Due to in-availability of any projectors we had to use remote login session to use a Kyan computer with built in projector for the presentations and demonstrations. However, Abhishek came out as a marvellous speaker to the kids in his session, besides doing picnic with the kids for 4 sessions out of 5 where the kids visibly liked ‘Dari-da’. Sudip with his millionaire- Bill Gates analogy  that i exposed drew applause from the kids on all sessions we mentioned it. Subha too presented well in the 3rd session with his well formatted presentation, and had quite a following from the girls side of the audience. I kept up with my part of poking my nose in every session, punctuating various information by cutting in at various points, besides the customary piracy-license introduction in every session!

We would like to thank the students as-well as the teachers and the school  for giving us the necessary platform. Special mention should go to Joydeep sir for his  lots and lots of help & Pintu Sir for his approval of the workshop in the first place, and V.C. mam & R.B. mam for listening to our idea in the first place! We should also mention Nilabhro Roychoudhury, a class XI student who came on his own to help us out( if we needed help) and he stayed some two hours overtime after his school hours. We enjoyed the venture very much, and we are hoping to be back  sometime soon, at some new destination!

(Photo Courtesy: Bipul Islam)

The photos were taken in days leading to the official requests for the permission of the workshop etc. I had forgotten to carry my cam on all 3 days. All images are freely usable and distributable, provided I am acknowledged!