It’s 15th of August, We are free again!

waving flag

waving flag

Well fellas It’s 15th of August, our personal Independence day! Today I am up at 7 o’clock in the morning, good bye to my tyrannous regime of being a late riser at 8.30 or 9 o’clock! The cool morning air is refreshingly sovereign!

My mom once told me on auspicious days like this, if you do something wrong your entire year becomes bad so I choose to be a good kid on these days like being punctual, and all things nice from the morning till night. Over years I have noticed there’s generally a bout of rainfall on Independence days, but today morning seems nicely clear!

I am waiting for the day to roll into 10 o’clock or so because by that time there will be a uproar of patriotic songs on microphones and at least for one day, the sound pollution sounds mighty good! While out in the early morning grocery shopping round, a saw a guy from our local club sticking gum on paper flags and a kid sitting with him, so what if the other members are sleeping someone is there! By the way I really thank Google’s India homepage for the animated Independence day theme!

I love the spirit of the day! I love my Independence day! I am relishing today’s air right from the morning and I am open arms to share with you, it’s our Independence day!!

It's Independenceday

It's Independence day


15th morning