Server Overload: WBUT Falters yet Again!

traumatic tension

traumatic tension

Service Unavailable!

Fatal MySQL exception: Too many connections to Database!

Don’t feel bewildered  it’s yet another WBUT results time! Unless you are an early bird, you never get the worm named ‘glance at your results’. As soon as the word spreads around that the results are out… within 10-15 mins WBUT  results server goes hay-wire and limps to a grinding halt! Oh when will a Technological University be mature enough to sustain it’s technical load of times during Result publishing!

Students who are all sitting to a nailbiting marathon before their PC’s would have been really spared the trauma, had the WBUT decided something on the regular Overload-Deadlock. They are quite a resourceful University with grants pouring from here and there… cant they buy several Dedicated servers…? Time is here that they do something about this…! Seriously… we students are all frustrated at these repeated poverty stunts!!