Engineering Students, RST 0 your mindset, wake up!

A sad excuse

A sad excuse

Now I am feeling frustrated about most of you. Ask me why? Well this is serious and related to our future! It’s about ‘Engineering’ — the philosophy. I am curious to know precisely how many amongst us had joined engineering just for the feel of  it & not eying the hefty pay packets that come at the end of four years? Obviously I am not holding a poll over here, it’s rather a self-assessment so everyone can keep their ambition to themselves, and begin to think! Let’s get back to the question asked.

Some wise minds advised me that thinking like that is a crime– reason being, low aim in career is crime! I’d ask them –define career for me please! Is it only the sound of money guzzling into your bank accounts, or, is it only the high rungs of the corporate ladder that you reach? That’s not career, that’s your money-affinity barometer! One may ask you have anything against money? obviously no! who does not like money! It’s an important requirement, you do need a lot of it in life, it’s the second life-blood! However it’s not a priority one requirement for life ( let’s shelve this for the moment).

You can ask me, ‘yo holy philosopher what are u… aren’t you an engineer too?’. Oh yes!(thank you) I am! I am! But I am thinking slightly differently from you if you belonged to the aye Sayers to the second section of the question. Just take a look into history, most of the successful modern scientists had their origin in Engineering! For an example: Lot of people justify that Einstein was a genius, he was not good at his studies yet cracked the theoretical physics like a messiah! So it’s always advisable not to study, who knows when a genius emerges out of me! Well for them they don’t know that Einstein was amongst few people of his time who went to a poly-technique. It’s a known fact that out of the 5 people in the batch, only two did not get a job — one, Einstein & two, his girlfriend (later first wife). Few points emerge here:

  • Einstein was an engineer.
  • He did study hard to have joined a poly-technique ( just he wasn’t a straight 10).
  • He flunked the classes flirting all the way, but he studied more than enough.
  • Genius is the ability to take infinite pain, it’s not a justification to escape hard work.

Take a moment read the Einstein story once more, let that sink in & then proceed.

Engineering is a philosophy rather a religion or let’s say a brotherhood that teaches one to become a practical think-tank with a pointy ‘wizard’s thinking cap’. An Engineer is a practical scientist and not a slacker, as popularized by lot’s of sms jokes that float around. Importance of engineer’s can be felt in every Mythology and epic, in each one there’s some character who has a super technical know-how. Engineer is a magician who polishes cut’s and grooves scientific knowledge so that can fit into man kinds practical use. Once you start as an engineering student, you have been baptized into this holy religion, so feel proud of who you are and think about what possibilities lie ahead of you.

Becoming an engineer doesn’t mean that only vocation that’s your destiny is some ‘CLERICAL job at an MNC’! Think straight, that’s what you become– a suited polished desk-job guy, who’s innovation dwindles by the hour racing for ‘career’. Duh! that’s not your destiny! Come you think of changing the world… be the part! Come out of the comfy comfort zone!

My friends you toiled hard, burned midnight electricity to reach here, to become an Engineer… not to whine before the MNC’s to take you in — overlooking your short-comings! Whining lowers your self-esteem, change your self so that someday you become a sought after person, who can look the HR’s straight in the eye and say ‘Ok, I have these short comings…  but these are unrelated to the job… thing is I don’t know what is this job, but I can learn & I learn fast!’.

Hey Hey everyone! This is no anti-MNC campaign, I am no bloody activist! It’s written to put some courage into poor hearts who have become embroiled in fears of what will be, that they have resorted to mindless roting and literally going an extra mile to get a polished surface. Hey buddies! come on the world is waiting out there!