N.S.E.C. 2011: some words said… some held back!

All said and done I may conclude, N.S.E.C. 2011 is a batch that can be seen as a revolutionizing batch in the course of history of the college.  Although for a technical college where political scenarios are absent, N.S.E.C. has seen a predominant politically Left aligned mentality among it’s students however, things took a turn for  the go green waves led by some 2011 batch, that  coincided with general mentality in Bengal. 2011 is also the first batch to have seen ultimate political neutrality  being imposed by the college authority, which was further reinforced when students joined combined protests against college authority over some anarchist and quixotic(Tughlaq-ish) rules, there too 2011 led on the fore front.

2011 broke the long lineage of black taint on the name of NSEC-ians that they cheat in exams and proved it arbitrarily that you can’t just give a good dog a bad name and  just hang it! 2011 mounted a apparent mass signature collection to coax the Infosys after their supposed man-handling by a Techno India Group College. 2011 batch does not suffer the apparent disjointedness with the juniors that previous batches  in some departments (eg, CSE)  had suffered, this mainly due to the Infosys campaign launched with some 2011 students in the fore-front and because they could tap the juniors in the region of common fears– low campussing.2011 enjoyed it’s fair share of strikes and class suspensions and had a great time jumping over  walls  & running through jungles to escape the  situation.

2011 brought Robotics to college. 2011 made it’s Tech. Fest a solid public inter-college event which will go national in a few years if not the next! 2011 tried to revived the dying GNU/Linux legacies. 2011 brought Counter strike to college as a popular event which went unmarked in the Tech fest Gaming events. 2011 went to IETE ( this line is spam… just wasting words). The 2011 CSE’s ultimately gave their seniors a farewell albeit much delays due to slow arrangements of funds.

And yes… 2011 CSE’s saw multi-threaded crushes, affairs, funny link-ups (ahem ahem! shut the 2+2=4’s here, I’ll say these later on!) and related tensions all through 4 years. 2011 for the first time in N.S.E.C. history that elective subject meant choosing a subject of ones choice from an available pool… and not just take some routinely provided Course ( people who will raise theirs collars on hearing this are– Udayan, Debopom, Arunavo, me :D). 2011’s had a male Drama Queen — named Sudip Kr. Basu (who is obviously not a Rituporno Ghosh but he is just a maniacal dramatist) who decided that he would join a M.N.C through a campussing, just for the sake of earning pocket money.

2011’s especially(CSE’s) had a lot of fun just as the previous years albeit devoid of political colors. 2011’s (CSE’s) saw the emergence of a host of coding prodigies like Debashish Biswas, Chiradeep Biswas & Rajarshi Sinha Babu… not to forget our very own Bodhiswatta, Sayan, Debopom, Abhishek (Dari) & me too 🙂 ( I can code reasonably well… don’t praise me so much). That was 2011 N.S.E.C … the start of a new era. Left with just another year to go and then we are lost in the sands of time…… whoooosssh we are history!