N.S.E.C : Let’s instantiate a Tughlaq-ism class

To study or not!

To study or not!

Rules and disciplines are very much necessary in any institution, but a system of totally hackneyed stack of random rules do more damage than no rules at all! It’s more like the Taliban/Saddam ‘Force it Down’ or US ‘Shove it Up’ kind of situation that we see in Afghanistan or later on Iraq. In fact for all of the possible combination of US, Afghanistan, Iraq, Taliban and obviously ‘ Force it down’ and ‘Shove it up’… each of them is totally undesirable, and my bet is only the native people  of the  places in question could have done the best had light/dark  oppressors had packed the bags and said… ‘Adios’!

As you know with me… that was just an elaborate ‘foreplay’ of getting into the mood ( ignore the Inspector Clussoe-ish malapropism) ,  so now jump into the time-space of our discussion.  I am a bit frustrated … rather specially frustrated about my college’s … several rules. One of the most irritating being the library system ( which was the actual trigger of events). I also want to say some thing on Fresher year educational setup.

Let’s straighten out the Library first. Ok, Library occupies an entire ground floor with 50% area acting as the book storage area and other 50 % with studying facilities. Recent development is extension of a large room fitted with AC’s and labeled as ‘Reading Room’. For an engineering institution, primary hiccup is… the Library design is weird-wrong-hackneyed-random-redundant.

  • Students are not allowed to pick the books that they want, they have to take whatever the Librarian behind a police RAF-vehicle like enclosure, if at all they need to choose some book, they need to follow an elaborate procedure and are allowed into the storage location one at a time creating an un-necessary deadlock.
  • Complexify the situation with a few Librarians being below par… oh so below par at their work, especially there’s one individual who would take some 15 mins for every book that you ask him to bring for you… and after 2 round trips the man would just say consecutive books are not there.
  • Again most of the books that are given are dog-eared, yellowed, cat scratched, lynched by a herd of trampling buffalos and now the current Librarian has started a fine for returning torn books(how ironic)! This has already created two disputes and is a coal-mine for many future disputes even if we set aside the other Don Quixotic fines imposed.
  • With creation of the supposed Reading room/AC room… the original study area has turned into a cattle-lounge habitated by wel recognised faces from junior years. Especially there are 2-3 girls and boys… who can be seen at all times in that cattle-lounge at all seconds of the Working hours College. Now who can ask a lady to leave…?

Reading Room… ok it’s a nice location for sitting around sifting through huge collection of books, but certainly constructive studying is not possible… why? the improbable ambiance. Most of the students who go there are aspirants of post engineering degree exams like CAT/GMAT/GATE etc. so they have a group interaction in mind. Certainly one can be sure that people who are going in with this mindset are 3rd year or 4th year students & are quite serious about their aims and are mature enough to keep their interactions to whispers. Yeah, 1st and 2nd year students too come but they are quite intimidated by the 3rd years and 4th years out in the cattle lounge so on seeing some more here they keep mumb. Here too the Tuglaqism runs wild.

  • There are 2-3 staff present in the room, who’s gossips and chats are more noisy than the combined whisper of the room.
  • A lady sits at the reading room desk, who for once is conflicted by her own rules. For once when some other staff is calling some student outside on a official purpose, student is supposed to wait for her permission even if the staff is calling from right before her nose.
  • The lady, and few of the staffs have a very  uncanny habit of disturbing the student with the high frequency… ‘Please dont discuss’ & we the students curse under the breath…’ What would  you need to keep your mouth shut’.
  • If  an aggressive looking kid comes in through the door, each of these staffs are all sheepinsh with him… but if a sheep comes in they start growling out rules & norms.
  • None of the books are arranged in the reading room  by any hellish figment of a catalogue. The staffs only decorate the desks.
  • There the college system is doing a Taliban… ‘force it down’ by a notice or ‘fatwa’… that nobody should discuss even most urgent of problems in the reading room. If the room is not specially made for constructive studying the what’s it’s big use…? The Air conditioned … cool ambiance only? That’s also disregarding the maturity of the senior students, alone -time study can be done at home… we don’t need a college for that!
  • By the way there was already a study area ( which has now turned into the Cattle pasture with the advent of the reading room ), rather than wasting some money on a new location this part could have been remodelled… atleast that could have saved the faces of the college for the visiting gurdians/parents in campus.

Now I hold some serious grievances about how the education is poured into the heads of the Fresher (1st Year) students. Approximately 30-40% of the faculty not skilled to the desired amount, with some 20 % being skilled, and the rest just works the creaking education imparting machinery. The maximum effect of Tughlaqism is in the fresher years. I’d like to give examples… In our fresher year there would be professors who wasted an effective 4 month of working lecture periods to complete not even approximately half the chapters of his subject, and then  marathoned  the rest in one-two weeks time and surplus went to notes. There would be some who’d hurry down the course as if a tiger is charging at him. There would be professors who would come to class and just touch a topic and say ‘We would be doing this topic on the next day/or we would do this in details later’ however on the next day he would say… ‘ we did it on the last day’. There would be some who would be more interested in actually giving out the notes. However, few of the professors genuinely tried to help out the students and… students have the habit of liking the people who genuinely try to help out even if the person is at his/her limit… the honest tries show and is always appreciated, and leaves the impression. Some professors however are in a very bad habit of accusing and framing students while not listening to any counter logic provided for the actions, yeah that does make the man look powerful at that time… but once students reach the senior years it’s them on whom butt of jokes are cracked, actually they are not aware of this.However there’s no annual re-evaluation on the teachers especially because the teachers select few favourable candidates to fill feedback forms.

Much of us join engineering with the dream of finding some technical geniuses awaiting us at our courses. But the things get demotivating very soon, some get frustrated and flow on… and some keep on swimming. but why should it be so? It’s high time something is done!