To Sir, with Love

Happy teachers's day... oh my teacher!

To Sir... with Love!

Today is teachers day. This is an Indian festival, and we like it a lot. For this one day we happily pay homage to all our teacher… who have been, & who are. I don’t know about the other countries… bet they don’t have such festivals or ceremonial events where they openly profess their respect to their teachers. This is one domain… where we, the Indians beat the world hands down… respecting people, really so! The way we respect our teachers & elders, I guess no other countries do that!

Yet I have a hiccup … (oh not again!). Why do we have to put down all our respects for ‘Come September’, why do we always wake up Only when September comes? Keeping a track of newspapers will tell you, teachers are not being given their desired respect nowadays anymore. Not only students mentality is to blame… but teachers are responsible on a considerable extent. Many of the teachers are unable to create that position of ‘someone to be looked up to’… in the minds of the students which is damaging. This can be attributed to so called modern unhealthy political interventions in student establishment, uncontrolled liberation of still immature young students, also demonstration of incompetence of many teachers who are just ‘notes-dependent’ and dodging student queries either by putting up an angry feature or just by confusing a student. These are serious things but inappropriate things to be talked about today.

Today we forget all shortcomings from all teachers… and we say we are lucky you were there. We rejoice at the mankind’s enlightenment just because you helped in making it so. We are eternally indebted by whatever gift you have for us. So on this day, I say a big thank-you to all my teachers, elders, fellow-friends, brothers/sisters & obviously my parents who have taught me every little somethings that have been resources in my life’s journey!