Et tu !! … I mean, You too!!

Et tu, maketh me a cartton?

Et tu, maketh me into a cartton?

Immortalized by Herr. Julius Ceasar ( who wasn’t German or a Nazi by any chance), the great Roman emperor… this is the strongest weapon developed by mankind after the nuclear weaponry! It’s the ultimate weapon of conscience that plans to obliterate your target morally from within –so much so, that he’ll come running to you, fall at your feet and sing the “emotional atyachar…” song. Use it (with a hint of tears in the eye) on any friend, who has tried to turn the tail at you, or, at your lover when he/she is fighting with you and you are plain loosing & just see the tide turn itself. All hail the two pence of moral-warfare! Those turning their face away… ‘Et tu! How could you!’

Unless Shakespeare had noticed, Caesar would not have been given the claim to mortally-immortal right to history. He was a helpless-accidental creator of the history, just like TNT was created accidentally. What else would he have said when that gang killed him? Yeah, he could have given his will to a shorthand writer in a cryptic map, or, he could have whispered a secret map of  some Roman treasure to somebody around (thus leaving the scope for another Indiana Jones film, with the senile looking Harrison Ford) but Oh sad heavens! he just wasted his last breadth on two words, not even three words as in Bollywood films (in the last act, the dying tragic Heroes say ‘I love you… blah blah blah’, yeah that’s more than 3 I know —but you have to understand in the context of the tragedy only those 3 words were important!) . You don’t get the point here, you don’t realize that the treasure is already in your ears!! Those superbly timed two words…”Et tu”, it changed history!! Brutus succumbed to the lethal exposure of the words, wars raged… and some thousands of years later I am blogging it & you are reading it & hating it. Hey you are hating it??? That means you are surely on the other side. I am excusing you, just because I am celebrating Caesar’s birthday today… I know it’s not today, but nobody told me when it is, so I decided to celebrate it today. And you too did not pay for the cake, ‘Et tu! How could you!’

Cakes aside, whenever you are in a tear-locked altercation just keep in mind that nobody set’s you up with an ‘Et tu’, else you are done for! Soon you will go into a depression and etc. ( as described in the opening!), but make it a point to unleash the lethal ‘Et tu’ on the opponent, go home and sleep and see how the Cookie is baked for you! Those with some experience with lovers and all will testify*. Only sorry state of affair is, the inventor of this great method did not live to kiss-and-tell (intentional malapropism to emphasize the point) about his inventions superb success rate. I bow my head in respect & silence! The ones who are still calling this effort a useless one I would just say… ‘Et tu??! How could you!’

*Legal disclaimer: This is not self-tested, so abide by it with a pinch of salt!