To ‘Like’ or not to ‘Like’ — The Facebook Crisis!

Gone are the days of Stick no Bills!

Gone are the days of Stick no Bills!

I have something to say… so I need some ears to shout into…please lend me some! I am actually interested to do a think-over on ourselves– The Facebook/fb Generation(MTv generation looks prehistoric now) a.k.a social-network-locusts, or, the online existentialist generation! The less talkative more text-ative generation!

Now we try to be the talk of the town not by doing something catchy (in all sense), but by posting a  ‘Status on the Wall’.  Have an intelligent oscar winning one liner/few liners? Just post it on the wall. Gone are the days of  ‘Stick no Bills’, you can almost un-restrictedly spit/write on anybody’s boasted ‘Public Wall’. As a great guru (Angshuman Sarkar/Angshu da –I am holding my left ear in my hand, like those singers in reality television do, when they talk of their gurus ) of mine had once remarked “All in all, you are a post in the wall”  & he said true! You, him, her, us… we live from post to post!

The biggest crisis we face all the while (of course besides the recession & unemployment) is…’ To like or not to like’. The clever thing here.. is nobody can ‘unlike’ you… either they like it or they are just one of them– I mean socially idiots! However only few classes of wall posts take the cake, viz- Heartsy (all about love, broken heart, crying heart), Philosphy overdose ( all intriguing wtf sounding, innovatively true wisecracks), Daily Planner ( gory details of how you are doing things)… I don’t think I missed any class ( if I do, let me know!).

Bleeding edge internet users are ardent followers of hordes of the likes of  ‘Dhongi baba’ and just like to feast on his advices when they take a break from the Sorority Houses, and Farmvilles, discovering all types of fortune cookies, &, adopting cows-cats-sharks-elephants-lengurs &what not! There are hordes of Mafia people over here… the Yakuza, the Russians, New-yorkers, the Cubans etc etc. who do jobs, fight and rob others of their resources ( Sanity?????!!) and shower the people with only gifts (gawd.. if even 1% of them were real… I would by now have an arsenal to win First world war single handedly!!). No wonder this Lazy superstitious crouch potato lot have nothing else to do than to bury themselves under piles and piles of Quizes that are made by some buffons who have some(really some!) spare-time and have used them to learn the Facebook API and are now crapping and entire generation 24 hours with promises prophesies and flattery (none of the quizes… tell you to eff off and get some life)!

Lastly, I choose to bomb down the cool people with a high vital stat of comments  & likes! Chill u guys.. I know how the most of you in real life are… so you don’t have to act it out here! I can extrapolate my assumptions and classify you… and you don’t know I am doing that all the while! You really don’t need to be a ‘WALL-E/Y to get your Eve’, go get a life now!  I am always this loud-mouth-bitter-cynic and I like that (then probably a narcissist too!). OK! this is the end… I guess I can sleep now, dreams-a-calling!