Workshop on GNU/Linux, networking & security @Ramakrishna Mission College, Narendrapur (Kolkata)

Sudip making a point to me!

We (G5) were back in the field being preachy… :)! It’s always a very nice feeling you get– while teaching people  and see the look on their face when they understand a concept, or are convinced about an issue that you are emphasizing. This time we chose a renouned college in kolkata, Ramkrishna Mission Residential College (Narendrapur) for our preaching session on Linux, networking & system security issues.

So there we were at a comfy-little Air-conditioned auditorium with a wonderful setup of projector etc. We utilised the Wi-fi on our laptops to create a network for the days activities. Systems behaved smoothly and the ambience was inspiring enough. We were there in advance by some 2 to 3 hours, and we took our time to get ready for our audience of approximately 35-40 people.Our audience too was a knowledgible bunch all 2nd year and 3rd year undergraduate students of Computer Science Honours, so we had a very little scope of slipping on our words. And for 2 hours of walk-the-talk was a tough ride, we had to be on our toes. Writing a semester paper is one thing and enlightening people is another. There were hands on sessions of ftp servers, http servers, ssh login, telnet login, network programming concepts with sockets in C, shell programming basics.
Chiradeep at the --projector-ed node, Abhishek looking on!

Chiradeep showing tricks 🙂

The workshop/Seminar was started by with a short 10-15 min lecture on Origin of Linux, it’s relevance, the software licenses, Open-source ideals and current status of linux kernel and some more related topics. Then the focus shifted in to neworking with all fiasco shifting to interesting but convoluted topics like IP, mac, networking models, DNS and network related tools as mentioned above. Sudip and Abhishek did a good job there with me and Chiradeep ocassionally punching in to fill some gaps and to reach out to the audience on their queries. Two students had much fun when we called them up to have a terminal-terminal chat over a minimal chat-server application written in C by Abhishek. Then the action shifted to Chiradeep who showed some nice programs on bash shell scripts & in all white formals and a golden frenchcut he looked confident and professional doing it. I went back up with c programming  on Linux and showed the students how to write Obfuscated code with an example… the look on their faces was amusing to see when they saw a string of underscores and brackets would calculate a factorial of a number and were interested to know how to do more of that. A basic shell of writing a virus in a win32 environment was shown as a digression. Then we let the sessions roll into Security issues on internet as well as system levels and it was tackled by Subha in his customary manner with all bells and whistles in place.
The subha-ed tacking!

Subha securing everybody's systems, me cutting in for a point

Lastly we showed the kids a cool trick of tampering the root password of an un-suspecting user who is blissed that nobody can tamper his system as he has a secured root-password that’s very well concealed in his personal vault of secracy. We added a caution that those things should be only tried at home and also showed them a possible way to stop a similar attack on their systems. Everything ended on a coordial note and my entire group got a treat from my dad as he knew we had’nt eaten the whole day as we were busy configuring everything for the event! All’s well… that ends well, I guess :D!

N.B.:  I forgot to tag my camera along, Chiradeep saved the face with his mobile-cam. All pics were taken by Chiradeep & few by Subha. They take the credit…
The MAC-NIC debate continues

The Mac-IP-NiC debate amuses Abhishek