If you call me an ‘idiot’, I’ll break your face!

The Idiot...

That's what happens when you give them the chance!

This is a post 3- idiots tendency, and it has turned into a cliche! Just more and more people are opting to be called an idiot rather than a smart Alec! People are mesmerized by the genius of the film, and the character is an idol now! Just few days back… I was going to college on an auto and there was a guy with his friend on the same vehicle presumably going to some place like “South City mall” (all they were talking about was clothes shoes etc etc.). For once, this guy who is the point of attention was a Fop, and the amount of words he was spending on shoes, haircut and dress… that would literally put even Ladies to shame! Then just to increase his cool quotient he let out a secret… he had gone high and then mocked an on-duty police-man on the road and what he did was almost like “Sharman Joshi”… he said that! He kept repeating that line some at-least 3-4 times. He just wanted to be labeled “another Idiot” on the loose! Such a looser! Had he invested that much effort on his semester work… I bet he would become the varsity topper (wbut). Forgive him, for he made my day– I kept grinning all the way to college once I got down from that vehicle “encapsulating the idiot”!

Every now and then you will come across a facebook or orkut picture… labeled “We the idiots” … I mumble, “please hadn’t you been so discreet we would never have known! “.  Pre 3-idiots people longed to be called a smart guy now all they want is being an Idiot… in fact the polarity of Idiot and smartness have changed, somebody must notify Oxford university press  to update their dictionaries! Often people would bring up sequences of pictures grouped in 3’s… presumably to bring the impression of the film at the face value. Wave them aside… I am getting too concerned about the face value of the irritation.

Now 3 idiots gave a thumbs-up to the “studying to learn” concept, and short-cut takers used it to nail the people who tend to “stick to their books” … and instead they held up a sore thumb of a flag– ” Smart people don’t study” ( who ever told you are smart?). They ignored the fact that the smarts among them were actually spending some time with their studies or activities when they were not mingling and not like the wannabe smarts, who were for once flag-shipping the ‘idiot’/smart brigade at mingle time and then they are too tired to do anything and sleeping off! When they go to see the results… find some people among them who did not study have topped… and they have rolled on the dirt– they get high again and recreate the fantasy scenes from the film! It’s just a film my dumb pals!! OK ‘idiots’, you did not notice … that in the film the biggest mugger did become successful, so the film never did say that hard work would not pay! In-fact the film showcased, both the genius as well as the book-worm were equally hardworking but without any STATUTORY WARNING: Implementing the concepts showcased needs some delicate understanding!

‘Idiots’ please don’t call yourselves Idiots… you are just giving a possibility of the thought that you are one! “Genius” people are actually the ones who study more than enough just to know enough… so although they know it ahead of enough, but they don’t show it… and we feel they are working miracles! So as you realize… I’d like not being called an Idiot. Oh please! I know I am one…so I ain’t bragging, I mean not the Idiot- idiot, but the idiot- idiot! I think I am clear! You have already read my warning so steer clear!