Identity and Mental Space : Quantum Mechanical and Realtivistic Approach

The views explored herein are personal and highly experimental. It’s an effort to explain psychological phenomenon in terms of modern physics as I have known it. My special thanks to Suman sir, my Eng teacher, who taught me to have this critical view in all thought processes. This article is a result of what he has taught me in class 11 and 12 — he starts explaining from the textbook and goes into realms far from it like psychology, politics, etc.

Quantum Mechanical Treatment of Identity

One of the fundamental necessities of life for an intellectual being is his identity. Identity, it can be shown (and I will show in a future article), is quantized.Among the quantized identities, the most preferred one is the personal identity, or identity as a private individual.

Role of Identity in the entity ‘MENTAL SPACE’

When we perceive this identity, we are essentially getting into a field where the rules of the game are exactly those that have been set by our mind.Accountability, responsibility, and all sorts of bounds expire; liberty boosts our comfort level and we discover a very useful companion in ourselves– our mind. And this is the precise moment we start carving out our personalised ‘mental space’. The maturity that people speaks of is the physical manifestation of this mental stability by attaining of a stable quantum state. In solitude and depression, this mental space becomes our emotional refuge. When our sudden success urges us to make castles on quick sand, our mental space pats our back!

As the complexity, insecurity, fear and worries in our life increase, we start intimate communication with our very own ‘mental space’. It provides us a comprehensive view of ourselves in the current context but the viewpoint is objective. In other words, there develops a point of discontinuity in the seemingly inseparable entities BODY and MIND. Self introspection is the most common example of this phenomenon. In fact our hobbies, family time, etc. all are aimed at nurturing this mental space and when practice a hobby, we are consciously or unconsciously creating our mental space. This completes our growing up.

So one might say- “Mental space is a lazy man’s workbench , where he makes and breaks things that he cannot dare to in real life.” But that is not the case. In reality, it is integral to our every day life. Mental Space is more like an INTERSTICE in our private life. Streaks of memory that stick to this interstice, or, disjointed ideas that float about unattended from this interstice. It might be when we are going to school in an auto or when we are lying on our bed with eyes wide open. It is this INTERSTICE that makes the MENTAL SPACE productive. In these interstices, the mental space gets a chance to come into direct contact with our conscious mind and that is the root of creativity. In this view, we can say that this ‘MENTAL SPACE’ is an alternative definition for the sub conscious mind.

Relativistic Treatment  (Space-time Geometry  of the ‘Mental Space’):

From a viewpoint that resembles the foundations of General theory of relativity, we can even interpret the mental space as a distortion in the space-time geometry of our existence. Philosophically, time is a limited factor in our lives-Time runs from minus infinity to plus infinity and our lifetime is an infinitesimal fraction of that infinite span. Our physical space is also limited within a constricted space of our lifetime. As space-time of our existence is highly localised, the resulting depression is nominal.

The mental space frees us from this limitation in our grasp of space and time. The Mental viewpoint can now jump from one point of time to another and we can accommodate an even larger space when are talking in terms of mind’s eye. As a result, we can consider the ‘field effect’ of our mind to affect a larger region of our surrounding space-time geometry. The warps or depressions produced in this space time (space-time can be thought of as a stretched rubber sheet, the space and time we occupy creates a proportional sagging in this rubber sheet just as there would be a sagging if we put an iron ball on this rubber sheet) are more pronounced.Hence we leave greater effects in the space-time. Also as a result of larger depressions produced by ourselves, smaller warps or depressions cannot change us and physically observe it as a good personality and increased concentration power.

Meditation essentially increases this mental space and thus achieves all this. Lastly, a strong warp produced by our mental space can also act as a lens that produces two slightly different images of the same thought coming to it from another point in space-time. By splitting of this thought, one can perceive two facets of same thought or idea at once. This is perhaps an explanation of how someone becomes a GENIUS or ‘MAHAPURUSH’ (in Bengali).