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“In the streets our, hands are lifting,
as we lose our inhibition,
Celebration — it surrounds us,
every nations — all around us …”

Aha… that K’naan song with David Bisbal going crack-a-legga, a symbol of cross culture and international freedom and celebrations. This October-November with Dussera-Diwali-eid all back to back, I am humming and jamming this song all the time! Obviously I am no DeeeJaaay, I am a simpleton who brags about blogs in his friends circle and most of them go like – “blo-a-whatta??”. Forgive them, let’s light a candle for them!


Let him sing the spirit of celebrations

Ask any kid “what’s a celebration?” He would remark bursting crackers with pals and propagating just out-of-the-world pranks on unsuspecting subjects and maybe playing some video game or some outdoor game all day round. Ask a school going kid “what’s this celebration?” He/ she would say, “phew … a respite from studies!! ” Ask a college going kid especially an engineering student (gawd there are so many, one in every 2 college goers is now an engineer!) ..”what’s a celebration?” He would be like, “take a break pal… it’s my ordinary routine.” Now care to ask his dad? he would say, ” It’s fun but it’s another excuse to rob me of my bank balance!” Clearly we never learnt to agree! Agreeblity is inversely proportional to the difference of age, ask SRK and AB senior.

It's Diwali time??

Am I late for Diwali...?

Personally I like the warm glow of lamps, candles and decorative lights. The flash of crackers going off and the decorative fireworks that dazzle the night sky again and again albeit momentarily. A very  poetic person will sniff out symbolism of human joys with this disappearing streaks of light… hey! you are the poet around here you are at the helm, think buddy think! It’s a time of celebrations and you have the full freedom of thinking freely! You can always care to give me that cadbury dairy milk celebrations pack, I don’t mind… just do not put some crackers in them!  So much is our Indian Zeal o’ celebrations, that even the ‘merican prez decided to ‘diwali it out’ over here (his clock is 12 hours late so he did not make it on time!). Let’s welcome him to the great Indian theater of politics and political ‘Noviembre’ hysterics amidst the November celebrations.

Celebration is a time of the year when all people become photographer and every down-to-earth Ant, fly, bulb, flower is photographed and displayed on the Facebook-like social websites to the extent you feel you would have to socialize only blindly ( eyes closed!). And never to forget the foooood! What not can you digest during the celebrations and festivities a la Godzilla, even Godzilla felt ashamed! So celebration is also a situation when the whole world has decided to cater to your unending salivation over food with unending varieties… and nobody is complaining!

The Celebrations also happen to be a favorite topic of the teachers when they have no other topics for essays. Sitting in an examination hall, sweating it out to write how you celebrated… is a torture in it’s own right! But no- doubt the teachers have it as their second celebration… they are just all so smiley-ed to paint your copies in red! Same with the parents, they make up all of their being good when they see the copies about the celebrations, maybe the red painted copy make them frustrated that kid hadn’t celebrated much even after so much pain– and the kid takes another thrashing. Being a kid was really tough, but frankly kids are never – once beaten twice shy, rather they are glad about the once a celebration, twice beaten for the same. In some way it’s healthy for a childs growth, now if anybody is thinking of suing me for moral child abuse– you seriously are destroying my moral celebration of harmless explorations of all sides of the coin!

And celebrations are never complete without women! You’ll have hordes of sisters, aunts and also the prospective girl-friends all around you (no offense to feminists!) . Being pampered by aunts and sisters during the celebrations is an experience unknown to those who haven’t experienced it. As to the rest of the ladies– romeos, dazzling lights and beauties on the same breath  is a different funny experience. Although the crushes will have the ‘life of a cracker’  (Poetic..see!) but it’s sure to give your heart a few jolts for the rest of the year!

If K’naan had known all of the dynamics of celebration that I talked about here,  the song would really morph into a classical raga (a colleague of mine who is an expert singer will kill me if he sees I said this). That you are here sitting and reading my diwali-ed post, you did not have any crackers gone wrong behind you, so congrats to you and your successful ear-splitting , eye dazzling fun! Still groggy? Get your music system, and let K’naan sing — “When  I get older I’ll be stronger….” , does not matter if you are on the wrong side of 50, Celebration is just a cracker’s throw from you (Tennis Elbows not withstanding!).


Diwali crackers

The celebrations is just a cracker's throw away


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