Improvised Writer’s Block! Chock-a-Block!

For my folks, fellows, fools & friends– miss me? Or my twisted view of reality that I describe as something critical & useful, and you blow off as junk (I did not use crap as that’s rude… as if I’d tell you what I think)!

My examinations are on so not finding the motive to write much, I can say it’s some improvised Writer’s Block that I mentally created. However don’t think I am turning over all stones in a bid to study for Exams… never, I never do that! I just sit indifferently in front of the computer doing useless stuff… chatting, commenting, poking my nose at every other place… and looking at the watch and thinking all the time  “10 more mins and I’ll get up!” … alas! Crucial 10 mins stretch the eternity… they never seem to end, and I don’t get enough time to study. I too need to sleep right? so Studies— “Break ke Baad!”

Then again my favorite “Lone Ranger” series is getting mud deposits… but some really important developments are happening and new characters are coming up… just wait for my exams to get over.

However you need to be brought up to my speed about my work at hand— I was playing Company of Heroes, I am as of now in Mortain suspended till my exams are over! I have downloaded several spoof movies of Leslie Nielson — Airplane!, Wrongfully Accused, Spy Hard and downloading Bullitt all of which I have to watch after the exams. Also there’s this friend of mine who is smitten by a girl and needs some serious expert advice from us (surely the dude’s mad… asking for advice from the scardliest mice in town!).

So with that lot of Liabilities you should not expect me to be blogging regularly… ok ok your apologies are accepted!

And lastly I have decided, from now on no more stupid  participation in stupid blogging- competitions, I am too appalled by shameless promotion by some people and I refuse to join the band-wagon, my previous attempts of the cheapo publicity by waved off!